Too many words to rant here.

For the mo.


Why is it that Veggies have to shout about being vegetarian?

So what? I’m not, do I have to loudly announce to the world that I eat meat and am proud of it? No. It’s down to personal choice. If I eat a steak it’s my choice, if you don’t, your choice. Do I tell walk up to a vegetarian and lecture them on anything about bean munching? No. So don’t lecture me.

If a teetotaller sees someone with a pint of beer in their hand, do they go out of their way to try and reform that person enjoying a pint? No. So what gives a veggie the urge to walk up to a person with a burger in their hand and yell at them? I think I know. Lack of meat in the diet!


I’m off to enjoy a bacon buttie…


Isn’t that what’s called a Misnomer? Road. OK, Works? No. They don’t. Not here in Belgium anyway.

I don’t understand it. We have The Netherlands to the North, Germany to the East, France to the South. All seem to manage very well in the construction of roads that can survive at least one cold winter. Belgium? No. Roads here break up so quickly, cracks, lumps, bumps, potholes and tarmac just crumbling. Why on earth hasn’t anyone just figured out that if they go speak to one of the neighbours, they might actually get some tips on building a road that works. The language barrier can’t be an issue, just about everyone here speaks either Dutch, French or German, if not all of them. So ask?

Could there be some sort of corruption going on, that’d be very unlikely in Belgium but you just never know. Road construction firms making shortcuts? Never! So what is the reason, really? There must be a rational explanation why a new road here has serious trouble surviving the same winter that all of it’s neighbours experience.

An example of poor road construction that ends up as a cash generator:

The E17 highway over Gentbrugge, a district of Ghent. Poorly constructed many years ago this section of the highway is elevated, it carries artery of traffic over residential areas of the town. Of course, expansion joints are needed on a bridge but this bridge has more than it’s fair share, resulting in a rhythmic ‘DaDum’ sound as you drive over each joint. A couple of years, people living under the road complained so something was done about it. A new asphalt layer was laid and the somewhat iffy joints were looked at then buried in some buffering material and designated the status of  ‘oops, they really did that wrong when the built it’. Result? Still the ‘DaDum’ tune from each vehicle axle as it thunders over a joint. Onto the next bright idea. Add a 90kph limit to slow the sound to a  ‘DaaaDuum’ Still no good as 90 in Dutch really says 120. Next, add 8 mobile taxation units, commonly known as speed cameras over the span of the bridge. Still no good because what happens? BRAKE for the camera, GAS IT to the next, BRAKE again and so on. A little head scratching later.. Enter the average speed doohickey gantry. A popular tax generator in The Netherlands. The highways authority thought they would test it on the southbound carriageway of the Gentbrugge bridge. At last!.. But.. They can’t get it working correctly or something.. so while the southbound motorists, cautiously-just-in-case, roll over the bridge playing the ‘DaaaDuum‘ tune, the northbound carriageway continues to sings the  ‘DaDum’  BRAKE, ‘DaaaDuum’, GAS IT, ‘DaDum’ tune

Are you getting the idea here? Well, it gets better. You see, the bridge was quite recently repaired and resurfaced which means, in true Belgian road style, it’s breaking up already. So not only do you get the  rhythmic tune of the South bound carriageway harmonising with the up-tempo Northbound carriageway, you also get dancing to go with it! Cars have to swerve around the 3cm deep craters left by the disintegrating new road surface. Welcome to Ghent, you can experience dance and music before you even arrive!

It’s been recently annouced there there are going to be more serious road’works’ going on in several main arteries of Flanders. More disruption, more money, more corruption? Why.. Why on earth can’t the roads be built well for once. Roads that last, roads that are smooth, roads that WORK!


Oh, and another thing.. Car insurance is going up this year. Why? Well, partly down to the poor road conditions causing damage to vehicles….


Grumpy old git

So I’m a grumpy old git who’s been fed up with not being able to say it like it is.

Guess what.. I can now!